9 Effective Tips For Tightening Your Skin After Pregnancy


Here are some tips that will aid in tightening skin after pregnancy:

1. Increase Your Water Intake:

Water is an elixir for your body. It not only hydrates your skin but makes it more elastic.

It helps in burning calories more efficiently.It is a great way to keep your skin healthy and tight.

2. Breastfeeding Is Essential:

Apart from being a healthy source of nutrition for your baby, breastfeeding is very important for you too.

When you breastfeed, your calories are transformed into milk, thereby helping you lose the extra fat.A breastfeeding mother loses weight faster than a non-breastfeeding mother.

3. Exercise Helps:

It is important to indulge in activity or exercise regime once your body is ready post-delivery. Make sure your doctor gives you the go-ahead to start before you begin.

You can start with daily walking or postpartum yoga.Rigorous exercise like aerobics or cardio can work wonders on your abdomen.It also helps in strengthening your stomach muscles and burning calories.

4. Consume Proteins:

Protein is good for muscle growth.

It also contains an important nutrient called collagen which helps in firming your skin.Your protein intake depends on your weight and the extent of physical activity you do.On an average you should consume 50 grams of protein.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin:

Another good way to tighten your skin is to use an exfoliating scrub on your belly when you take a shower.

It helps in increasing the blood circulation by increasing the flow of blood in the area.It also creates new, healthy and more elastic skin.

6. Use of Lotions and Massage:

There are plenty of creams and lotions available in the market which contain collagen as well as Vitamin E, C, A and K.

Apply such lotions on your loose skin as it will aid in skin tightening after pregnancy.You can massage with the lotion to improve the blood flow. Do this at least twice a day for good results.

7. No To Crash Dieting:

When you opt for strict dieting, you might lose weight faster initially. But once you stop your regime the weight will bounce back faster.

It is always better for the elasticity of your skin when you reduce weight gradually and not dramatically.Don’t starve yourself or fall for fad dieting.

]. Take Up Strength Training:

After your body is accustomed to regular exercise you can opt for strength training also. Your doctor’s nod is a must though.

Strength training stimulates muscular contraction which helps in building strength.It also improves your body composition and reduces fat all over the body.

9. Keep A Healthy Mind:

It is really frustrating, when you are unable to lose that extra flab. But in such circumstances, keeping a calm mind is of immense value.

Try to keep yourself relaxed and be patient with yourself.Practice deep breathing, listen to music and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can.


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