Gambia’s President-Elect Adama Barrow To Stay In Senegal Until Inauguration

As political uncertainty continues in The Gambia, sources say President-elect, Adama Barrow will be in Senegal until the end of the week.

Barrow won the December 1, 2016 Presidential elections, defeating incumbent, President Yahya Jammeh.

Although Jammeh initially conceded defeat, he has since made a turnaround and refused to step down.

He has claimed that the elections were married by irregularities and has approached the Supreme Court in order to have fresh elections.

West African leaders have called on Jammeh to step down but all the negotiations so far have failed to resolve the crisis.

Barrow is supposed to be sworn in as President on Thursday but with Jammeh refusing to step down, there are fears of violence.

Possible violence has driven Senegal and some other African leaders to insist on Barrow staying out of The Gambia until Thursday.

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