Man Uses Warm Breath To Free Bird With Feet Frozen To Metal Pipe

An American man used the warmth of his breath to rescue a bird he found with its feet frozen to a cold metal pipe.

Nelson Wilson from Idaho posted a video to YouTube showing the sparrow he found with its feet frozen to the metal pipe on New Year’s Day.

Wilson said the pipe formed part of the fence protecting his water tank.

The video shows Wilson use his hands and breath to warm up the pipe enough to free the sparrow’s feet without injuring it.

While feeding my horses on New Year’s morning I noticed a solitary sparrow perched upon the steel fence near the water tank,” Wilson wrote. “The tank is heated to keep it from freezing. It is not uncommon for birds to drink from the heated tank. Apparently this unfortunate bird had gotten its feet wet and, while making its exit, had become frozen to the fence in the prevailing near zero Idaho temperatures.”

He wrote the rescue was “a delightful way to start the new year.”


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