Melania Trump is Hiring a Whole Staffs Just To Go After Her Online Haters.

Melania Trump has said her primary aim as first lady will be to tackle cyber-bullying, and it looks like she is about to make good on that claim, kind of, considering she plans to hire a whole team of staffers to combat all the bullying lobbed against herself.
As Washington insiders tell the Daily Mail, Melania Trump is “close to finalizing a team to manage the attacks against her and her ten-year-old son Barron.”This is clearly a response to Chelsea Handler’s vow to never interview Melania because, “she can barely speak English.”

10-year-old Barron has also been receiving online bullying, most notably by Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich who tweeted that Barron would become the nation’s “first ­homeschool shooter.” Even former first kid Chelsea Clinton felt bound to stick up for him.According to Page Six, former Vogue staffer and Met Gala organizer, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, has been tapped as Melania’s chief strategist, who will handle hiring the rest of Melania’s don’t-bully-me team.

How a round-the-clock crew of people hired to battle Melania and Barron’s haters will help non-first-family victims of bullying isn’t exactly clear. Perhaps, much like the President’s plan to help the wealthiest Americans first, Melania believes her cyber-bullying defense will have a trickle-down effect.

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