Player’s Eye Pops Out of Its Socket During Basketball Game

Injuries are commonplace in any sport but by far the most gruesome you’ll ever hear about is an eyeball coming right out of its socket. Akil Mitchell, a basketball player for the New Zealand Breakers, was playing in an Australian NBL match when another player’s hand came in contact with his eye.

Medical personnel quickly put the eyeball back in the socket and his vision has been restored.

My eye was out of my head — it was a little painful,” Mitchell, 24, said in a Facebook Live interview posted by the Breakers the next day.
“I felt like I just got poked in the eye so I opened my eye and I’m looking up and I can see everything, my eye’s still moving, but it’s kind of out.
“I don’t know if it was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt, but it was just weird. Just a weird sensation, a weird feeling.”


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