SUV Filmed Rolling Off Australian Ferry Into Ocean

A passenger on a ferry to an Australian island captured video of the moment an SUV rolled off the back of the vessel and sank into the ocean.

Chloe Fraser posted a video to Facebook showing what happened aboard the Manta Ray Fraser Island ferry barge Saturday off the Queensland coast.

Fraser’s video shows an SUV roll off the back of the ferry and sink into the water.

Really sad and scary start to our Fraser Island trip,” Fraser wrote. “All 4×4’s were on the ferry and we were making our way to the island.

”One of the 4×4’s at the back of the ferry completely rolled off and sank.

”Luckily nobody inside the car! But quite a few phones, debit cards, passports and valuables all gone.

”Apparently 4×4 is about 60 metres [197 feet] under water now.

”Now let’s all try and enjoy the rest of our journey on Fraser Island! Happy New Years Eve!


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