Teen Accidentally Locks Self In Abandoned Prison Cell

An teenager from Illinois, USA  found herself trapped behind bars after exploring an abandoned local prison.

The girl was wandering through Collins Street Prison with a friend when she accidentally locked herself inside one of the prison’s cells, WJOL reports.


Illinois police said the facility had been closed to the public since 2002, but the two girls managed to sneak in through a hole in the fence on Monday afternoon.

About 2:45 p.m., they were wandering around the building when one of them managed to lock herself inside a cell,” Joliet Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Stromberg told The Herald-News. “They didn’t call 911, but did call the fire department’s front office.”

Firefighters arrived at the scene in less than an hour and used a sledgehammer to break through a brick wall to set her free.

Her jail time was about 45 minutes,” Stromberg said.

The two girls will face trespassing charges for the incident, according to state police.

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