10 Valentine’s Day date ideas for married couples

After all this time, you are still each other’s favorite person to spend time with.

So why not use this February 14th as just another reason to spend that time together doing something fun?

Need some ideas? Here you are!

1. Cook something yummy together

Find a new recipe you both want to try. Or take a cooking class together. Watching his inner chef come out will be cute. And in the end, you get to enjoy a yummy meal together.

2. Take a dance class

So your cha-cha might not be the smoothest thing ever. But he thinks it’s cute. Try learning some new dance moves together that you can use at home later on when your favorite song comes on the radio.

3. Visit a farmer’s market

Pick out some fresh ingredients for salsa, or grab some fresh fruit.

4. Go on a dinner cruise

A delicious dinner while surrounded by water and stars – need we say more?

Or, if this doesn’t fit the budget at the moment, spend the evening planning the details of a future vacation, and then start saving so you can take it.

5. Visit a museum or art gallery

Pick one that you both think sounds interesting, and see what new things you learn.

6. Go bowling

Winner gets to pick where you go for dessert.

7. Take a hot air balloon ride

Unless one of you dislikes heights. You want this to be fun, remember?

8. Re-create your first date

Take her to the restaurant you first took her to. Talk about when you first met. Reminisce about the little details of that time together.

9. Make s’mores

And snuggle in a warm blanket under the stars.

10. Go to a play

Dressing up for a nice evening out can be refreshing and fun for both of you.

11. Visit a new city or town together

Go exploring and see what cool places you discover. Find an old town to walk around while holding hands, or try a new restaurant you stumble upon.


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