12 First Date Struggles That We Know All Too Well

Dating is always a rollercoaster – you get those new butterflies in your stomach, and the feeling of excitement is equal to the nerve-wracking fears running through your brain at a mile a minute. You have to balance the awkwardness of meeting a stranger that you might potentially sleep with, while acting totally normal and not stressed out at all. Here are some first date struggles we can all relate to.

1. Not knowing what to wear, too fancy or not fancy enough? Too sexy or too innocent? Unlimited options and you don’t listen to your friends about any of them.

2. Should you shave your legs or not? You weren’t planning on going all the way, but what if you’re making out and things get a little heated, or what if you wear a skirt and he brushes against your stubble?!

3. Trying to walk the line between small talk and actually finding out more about each other. Veer away from politics and family illness history, but hopefully this also isn’t a two hour conversation about the weather that feels like pulling teeth.

4. Having the pressure put on you regarding the night’s plans is the worst. Are you in a Netflix and chill mood, and will he take that as another sign? Is a fancy restaurant putting too much pressure on him to pay? What to do?!

5. On a related note, what if he doesn’t pay and expects us to split the check? Is he just woke to equal rights, or is he cheap or a freeloader? It’s hard not to make assumptions based on the first impression.

6. Should you go au naturale or try to seduce him with a deep red lip, or a sultry smoky eye? Hard to tell what look guys are into, and they’ll never be bold enough to tell you. Ok, spending the next three hours putting on makeup, then wiping it off, taking consecutive selfies that you text to friends for advice. How fun.

7. To show up 5 minutes early, or fashionably late? Is it weird to show up precisely on time? That might make you look like a neurotic weirdo, but being late also might make you seem like a flake!

8. Right before the date as you see that person approaching, all the thoughts run through your head on whether you should shake their hand or hug them. What’s too formal and what’s too intimate? Would a kiss cheek be weird? A kiss cheek would definitely be a bit much. What to do?

9. And during the date, thinking about whether or not he’s going to plant that kiss on the first date the whole time. Or if you’ll want to be a strong woman and make the first move.

10. Even though you want to order the massive bowl of squid ink fettuccine and have your mouth look like a coal miner, you’ll avoid ordering anything messy and pick at a salad the whole night, your belly grumbling as you watch him devour a steak shamelessly.

11. How many alcoholic beverages is it ok to consume? How do you find the balance between buzzing or tipsy, and full on sloppy? Will he judge if you have more than two drinks, even though you want to down the whole bottle from the first date jitters?

12. Do you ever talk about hanging out again? What if one of you ends of vibing the other, but not vice versa? Don’t want to seem too thirsty!