4 Easy Ways to Get Moving in the Morning

Find it hard to get moving in the morning? Here’s five surefire ways to kick start your day. Wake up to sweet sounds. Music can be a real mood changer. So program your alarm clock to play your favorite uplifting songs. This is so easy to do with today’s smart phones and tablets.

Instead of hitting snooze and before you know even open your eyes! Stretch each arm and leg…one at a time…for 15 seconds. Wiggle your toes and fingers…and roll your neck. See that? You’ve got your blood pumping…and you’re feet haven’t even hit the floor yet.

Even 10 minutes of sit ups squats can be a super energy booster. Bonus: you can do these moves right next to your bed!

Even if you don’t feel hungry and don’t wolf down your food. Instead, take a few minutes to sit and enjoy a meal. Eating more slowly allows your body to better digest food. When you rush, your whole system becomes sluggish, which can slow you down physically and mentally. Choose healthy foods like oatmeal, yogurt, or whole wheat bread with peanut butter to rev up your metabolism.

It doesn’t cost a thing, but you gain so much: Smiling helps bring on happy thoughts. And while you’re at it, kiss everyone you love in your house before you head out the door. Who doesn’t smile after a kiss?


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