Crying Widow Seeking for Justice Disrupts Function Attended by Tanzanian President | Photos+Video

A woman who was seeking for attention to address her problem has taken a bold step in confronting the president in order to air out her grievances.

A middle-aged woman caught the attention of Tanzanian President John Magufuli when she stepped forward waving a placard during the event to mark the Law Day at Mahakama grounds on Thursday.
Ms Swahaba Shosi in her red dress made it easier for everyone to notice her as she waved a placard with the inscription, “Police, the DPP and the Judiciary are conspiring to deny me the right to inherit property left by my husband even though I have all legal documents.”

In a video shared online, she caught Mr Magufuli’s attention, leading him to order policemen to allow her to come near the dais where he was seated. This was shortly after the Head of State had concluded his speech.

Narrating her complaints, the woman said she has been blocked by dishonest members of the Judiciary, police and private advocates from securing the right to gain control of property left by he departed husband Mohamed Shosi who died in 2012.

“I have come all the way from Tanga just to meet Mr President after the failure of all efforts that I have so far taken,”
she said emotionally, trying hard to contain herself.

She also narrated how she has been receiving death threats via SMS from unknown people, a matter she has been reporting to the police since 2012.

President Magufuli did not interrupt her until she was done. He then asked IGP Mangu to clarify the matter which he did and went ahead to state that the matter was referred to the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the DPP’s offices. He heaped blames on advocates, whom he said were responsible for prolonging the matter, saying the police force would address the matter as soon after it was reported.

Mr Magufuli ordered the judges to speedily listen to her case. He also directed the chief justice, who was present, to give the woman his phone number so that she can follow up with him on the case’s progress.

Mr Magufuli also ordered the police boss to ensure that Ms Shoshi gets full protection.

Watch the video below:
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