End Time! Commotion as ‘Evil Spirits’ Allegedly Attack and Rape Female School Teachers at Night

In what will come across as a really shocking development, several female school teachers have cried out after allegedly being attacked by evil spirits.

A report by The Manica Post has shown that some ‘evil spirits’ have been attacking and having forceful s*x with female teachers at a school in Zimbabwe’s eastern Manicaland province.
The incident reported in different cases has caused a serious stir in the community, the newspaper claims.
The Manica Post reports that the attacks by the evil spirits started at Chishuma Primary School in Odzi last June and are ongoing.
Two female teachers confirmed the attacks and said a pastor from a local church had conducted prayers to try to get to the bottom of the drama. However, he did not succeed.
According to the Manica Post, some mysterious human-like creatures, believed to be evil spirits keep coming at night to have forced sexual intercourse with female teachers at Chishuma Primary School in Odzi in a real-life drama whose script reads like folklore plucked from Gothic literature.
The head of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association George Kandiero told the paper: “The solution comes when the people affected find a genuine traditional healer who can cleanse that.”
Evil spirits have been reported before, often in connection with money-making enterprises.
Investigation has been launched into the claims which have gotten many peole worked up.
Source: Tori

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