How Father Mbaka, Tunde Bakare Lied Against Jonathan – Reno Omokri Blasts Popular Clerics

ormer Special Assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media has taken a swipe at Father Ejike Mbaka, and Pastor Tunde Bakare for their comments and campaigns against GEJ.

The Spiritual leader of the Adoration Ministries in Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has been lambasted by former Special Assistant to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri, for allegedly lying against Jonathan.
Omokri also called out the founder of The Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, recalling how he preached ‘falsehood’ against Jonathan in the past but is now silent on the harsh economic situation in the country.
Below are posts we culled from his Facebook Timeline;
“Tunde Bakare and Mbaka who used their pulpits to attack GEJ when things were better now use same pulpit to defend PMB when things are worse! Can they both honestly tell me that things are better today than they were under Jonathan? In Enugu where Mbaka preaches, Fulani herdsmen have killed so many yet Mbaka has not heard. 
“In Lagos where Tunde Bakare preaches people cannot feed, yet he cannot see that. Their fellow clergy was beheaded in Kano, another murdered in Kubwa and yet another slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen but loud silence. In Acts 10:34 we read that ‘God is no respecter of persons’, but alas, it seems that page is missing from the Bibles Mbaka and Bakare read!
“Two years ago Mbaka preached a sermon against GEJ titled ‘From Goodluck to Badluck’. As things unfold today, I hope he is proud of himself! In 2012, Tunde Bakare preached a sermon and said “Up, up Jesus; down, down Jonathan”. I hope he is proud of himself today! 
“Let me tell them that the Goodluck Jonathan they preached against is now the toast of the world. He is more relaxed and at peace with himself. He is celebrated by world leaders and world institutions. I remind both of them that he who God has blessed, no Mbaka or Bakare can curse-Numbers 23:8.
“Two years ago, Mbaka LIED that Jonathan wanted to kill him. Today, hunger is killing Nigerians and Mbaka’s lying mouth is silent! In 2013 Tunde Bakare accused Jonathan of BELITTLING his office by kneeling down for Pastor Adeboye to pray for him. Today he is quiet as President Buhari has belittled the Naira to the extent that $1 now exchanges for N500.”

Source: Tori

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