Italian restaurant offers family with polite children five percent discount

The owner of a restaurant in Italy discounted a family’s bill due to their children’s polite behavior.

Antonio Ferrari shared a photo of the family’s bill which included a five percent discount for “bimbi educati,” or polite children.

“It’s just so unusual!” Ferrari said.

Ferrari said the behaviour of the table of 11, which included five children, warranted the discount and told The Guardian he believes 30 percent of parents dining at his restaurant for lunch that Sunday did not know how to control their children.

“I imagine how difficult parenting is today,” Ferrari, who does not have children, said.

Ferrari told Today he picked up the idea to reward parents for their well-behaved children when he received a similar discount while dining at a restaurant in Miami.

While some praised Ferrari for rewarding parents for a job well done, others argued that his restaurant is a public place where parents and their children are permitted to behave as they see fit.

“I’m responsible for what happens in it,” Ferrari said in reference to his policy on children’s behavior in his restaurant.

Despite that responsibility, Ferrari asserted that his restaurant remains open to families and patrons of all ages.

“Kids are more than welcome,” he said.


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