Jehovah Witness Lady Dies After Refusing Transfusion During Childbirth

A Jehovah Witness church member named Peace Euodia has died after she had excess bleeding during childbirth and refused blood transfusion because of her faith.

According to Ossai Ovie:

RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE: Peace Euodia died of excess bleeding during child delivery, because Her church, Jehovah Witness Church does not permit her to accept blood transfusion.
Why will Jehovah Witness church not allow her to receive blood from someone because
of church tradition.
Rest in PEACE EUDIA. COMBINED SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS OF 2011 UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA has lost a rare gem. We will mourn your death together with your family. Adieu

Source: Laila’s blog


  • its no doctrine,niether is it a forceful teaching but a Biblical injunction to abstain from eating blood.this can be eaten orally or intraveneous.she only read and understood divine standered,living her life for JEHOVAH and not MAN.

    • Dear Mr Ossai, I really want to Correct a misconception or should I say it’s a misinformation. If you investigated properly, you would have known by now that her religion never forbids her from taking blood transfusion, rather it was her Bible trained conscience and beliefs. Mrs Peace believed in upholding Jehovah’s righteous standards which includes to abstain from blood- either by eating or transfusion. Gen 6:4b, Lev 7:26, 17:11 & 13 and finally Acts 15:29.
      If Mrs Peace lost her life trying to obey what was written as God’s commandment, do you sincerely think Jehovah God would not remember her during resurrection?Isa 25:8, John 5:28,29.

  • First,Jehohovah’s witnesses do no compel any of its adherents to refuse blood. It is done base on a personal conviction that they are obeying a devine law. 2nd,no individual, Jehovah’s witness or otherwise is willing to die if there is medical avenue that can provide viable alternative to blood transfusion. They come to medical institution because they would like to live. Jehovah’s witnesses will always avail themselves of best medical treatment that can be afforded as Long as it does not go counter to their scriptural convictions.

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