Man survives without a scratch after 90-foot fall into canyon

A US man fell 90 feet into a canyon, and the drop was recorded by his GoPro camera.

Nick Smith of Kanab, Utah, said he was teaching a less experienced friend how to rappel in an Arizona canyon Feb. 5 when he made a safety error.


“In part, I was a little distracted from trying to explain to this younger fellow, okay this is what you do, ironically, I kind of forgot to check what I was doing for myself,” Smith told KSTU-TV. “I fell essentially the full 90-feet of the drop; from the very top to the very bottom.”

Smith’s GoPro camera, which was strapped to a pole on his backpack, recorded the fall. He posted the footage to YouTube.

“After getting up and realizing I wasn’t dead, I had to reascend the ropes to the top. I then hiked back out to my vehicle,” he wrote in the video’s description. “After a visit to the ER. I was cleared by a full CT scan. No broken bones, no internal bleeding. Somehow I don’t even have a scratch on my body from the ordeal.”

Smith said he learned his lesson about letting overconfidence put him in danger.

“I just feel so grateful and so blessed,” Smith said. “I shouldn’t have survived. Truthfully.”


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