Two years ago, Bodunde bought a brand new car as things were quite rosy and needed an easier way to shuttle between his home and office which was quite a distance. However, the cookie crumbled last year when he was relieved of his high paying job and had to settle for a pay cut in another organization.

Since then, buying the car has been one of Bodunde’s greatest regret as he wishes he had invested the money into other profit yielding ventures which would have sufficed now that he needs financial succor.

With the cost of living increasing on a daily basis, individuals and organizations now resort to loans to meet their long or short term financial needs. At Rosabon, we realize that you don’t just want loans, but affordable loans that don’t cost you the right to living your desired lifestyle, hence the Rosabon Asset Cash Back Loan.

The Rosabon Asset Cash Loan is designed to meet the needs of individuals who want to free up capital being tied down in their investment in asset without losing these assets (cars) that are vital to their operations and daily living.

This quick and affordable loan comes with lower interest rates than the regular loans and is customized to suit the needs of individual customers.

Our loans can be accessible within 48 hours after all documentations are confirmed and approved.

For more information, send a mail to [email protected]  or call our customer service representatives on 08150880038, 08150880039 (Lagos), 08150991085(Abuja), 08150880082 (P/Harcourt)

*Terms and Conditions apply!