The Concept Group Highlights of 2016

From the unstable foreign exchange rates, to the inflation of prices of goods and services, we can all agree that 2016 was a tough year for the entire country. Most especially as a large number of organizations were adversely affected due to the increase in the cost of production which led to a drop in their expected profit margins. At the Concept Group, we had no control over the economic challenges of 2016, but what we had control over, was our choice on how to manage these challenges. In essence, it’s safe to say that we made lemonades out of the lemons thrown at us.

Here at The Concept Group, we do things a bit more differently. While being faced with enormous external challenges, we aggressively and dedicatedly pushed forward with the growth plan of the company and recorded various successes and expansion across new regions. While numerous organizations were letting go of staff or cutting off benefits, we focused our energy on hiring and training the best talents. We passionately searched for extraordinary talents that will come on board and join in stirring the wheel of the concept Group in the right direction. We experienced over 27 Percent increase in our staff strength, while we have the intention of hiring more talents in 2017.

At the Concept Group our people are our best assets and we stop at nothing but getting the right people on board and offering them the best trainings. It is impossible to forget in a hurry our satisfying experience at the OLCA Leadership Development Training conducted in 2016. This training undoubtedly exposed our minds to the depths of being a great leader as it caused many to introspect on their leadership and managerial skills. With us, every New Year must top the previous year and that is why we are eagerly looking forward to the launch of the TCG e-learning portal, where significant knowledge sharing would become seamless and limitless.

Trainings at the Concept Group are just the starting point as we also explored other innovative ways to boost staff performance and increase productivity. One interesting way was by running in house promotions and competitions whereby members of staff get to win cash prizes or extra leave days amongst others. One of our most popular competitions was the Concept Group video challenge where members of staff were asked to come up with creative ways to demonstrate why they love working with the company. At the end of the challenge which was widely publicized and voted for on all social media platforms, the winners got cash prizes, fully paid hotel stays with complimentary meals and other fantastic items.

Since employees last longer and thrive in environments that provide the right tools for performance optimization and engagement, we have staff spending over a decade with us. At our village meeting held in May 2016, these special staff were recognized and rewarded for their loyalty and dedication over the years. Our new staff have also shown the same extraordinary standard of dedication to their work. In 2016, John Egwu of the Asset Creation Department demonstrated the attributes of a custodian of the Concept Group culture. He was able to totally change the face of the Asset Creation Department in an extremely unique way. Not only did he introduce a strategically thought out structure and system for the department, he dramatically increased the performance of his team by 70%. As a result of this, the Asset Creation Department is the envy of many other departments within the company.

For the organization, 2016 was a significant year because we celebrated one of our greatest milestones which was the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Rosabon Financial Services in April. This was our first time declaring the age of any of our subsidiaries and since we acknowledge the difficulties in running a company through many economic seasons over the years, we decided to celebrate it in a big way. Highlights of the week-long celebration included our partnership with Mama Moni, a women empowerment NGO as part of our “23 Women Project,” where Rosabon Financial Services provided grants to 23 women in Lagos to start up their businesses.

Our other subsidiary, Concept Nova was definitely not left behind in 2016. As an IT company, we explored various new and exciting paths. One of which was our maiden Concept Nova Debate for Junior Secondary schools where winning students won scholarships and had their computer rooms in school refurbished. We also participated in various initiatives, one of which was an initiative for young girls with a passion to learn how to code. To support this great enterprise and ensure we give back to the society, we donated laptops to the girls.

Last year was a truly engaging year for us as an organization. However, this would never be complete without our numerous loyal customers who despite all odds chose to patronize us. The gratitude we feel for our customers is unlimited but to show our appreciation in our little way, we had a mind blowing cobalt tie dinner and also a customer appreciation party in November 2016. Our customers were treated to the best food, drinks, entertainment and a serene environment.

Lest we forget, we ended the year on a high as Rosabon Financial Services was awarded the MEA Business Award for leading experts in Bespoke Wealth Management Services in 2016. Let’s chip in that we are the very first organization to receive such an award in Africa. Do we have bragging rights? Your guess is as good as ours. In 2016, we expanded Rosabon market to Abuja, Warri, Ogun and Oyo States, while Concept Nova branched out to Abuja with a 5 City expansion plan in the first half of 2017.

Our MD had this to say as we settle in fully into the New Year: “For 2017, I am very confident it shall become a groundbreaking year for the Group despite the unabated adverse economic situation. This shall be achieved with innovative customer-focused product development, continuous geographical and demographical segmented market penetration, superior operations across ALL areas of our business as well as learn from and defeat competition. EACH and EVERYONE play an IMPORTANT role.”

This year, we are looking at greater heights, expansion (into all areas of Nigeria) and lots of accomplishments and of course more money. We need like-minded individuals to help us achieve this. So, are you exceptional at what you do? Are you seeking greater challenges? Are you highly creative and can think on your feet? Do you think you can give our CEO a run for his money? If the answer to all of these is YES, why not apply HERE!