Serious Stir as 200 Police Officers Get Sack Letters…You Won’t Believe What They Did Wrong

Several police officers who have been found out to have committed grievous offences have been given the sack letter.

Rwanda has dismissed 200 police officers implicated in corruption-related cases, a Police Spokesman said on Monday.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the announcement came about two weeks after anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International ranked the East African country as the third-least corrupt in Africa, after Botswana and Cape Verde , and as the 50th least corrupt globally among 176 countries.
“The ranking shows the government’s commitment and the will to fight corruption,’’ Marie-Immaculee Ingabire, the Chairman of Transparency International Rwanda said.
The sacked police officers included one superintendent and four chief inspectors.
“The war against corruption and bribery, either within the force or in other institutions, remains. The slogan is the same … no mercy for corrupt officers,’’ police spokesman Theos Badege said.
In 2016, no fewer than 200 civilians and 80 police officers were arrested on corruption-related charges.
President Paul Kagame’s regime has come under criticism for alleged human rights violations, but it has earned praise for uprooting corruption and stimulating investment.
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