Shocking! Jealous Lover Bites-off Boyfriend’s Testicles…Find Out Why

A yet another shocking news which emerged online reveals that during a heated argument, the jealous lover of a 33-year-old man, bit his testicles off as the man is battling for his dear life.

A man had to have his testicles reattached after his girlfriend bit them off during an argument when she returned late from church, Punch reports.
The savage attack happened in Botswana with the victim, a 33-year-old unnamed man, required emergency intervention to sew his privates back on. The couple were said to have fallen out after the woman said to be 32 arrived home a day late from church.
According to Mirror UK, officers arrested the woman after they were tipped off by medics treating the man in hospital.
According to a top Policeman, Goitsemodimo Molapisi, she would be brought before the court when paperwork on the man’s medical condition was finished
He said: “Currently she is facing a grievous harm charge and the doctor’s report will determine the final charge. It can be lesser or remain as it is.”
Another senior policeman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “They exchanged harsh words with the man demanding to know where she had been. She tore and left the testicles hanging. He is very lucky because she nearly cut them off from the body.”

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