Single Christians Reveal the Top 5 Frustrations that They Have with the Church

Here are the 5 top opinions expressed by some frustrated singles about what the church is saying to singles.

1. “I’m so tired of pastors/preachers talking about singleness in regards to potential marriage. The reality is there is so much more that God wants us to do with our lives than to wait for marriage. Singles play a significant role in spreading the Gospel. God’s will for some people is to never get married. So we need to have chances to disciple single people and make them feel enriched in their singleness.”

2. “When we go to church, they can sometimes make it seem like interaction or a close relationship with the opposite sex is a disease. This stupid thing we say and call it a prayer… “Lord if he ain’t the one please remove him from my life”! Whhaaaaat? How about Lord, help me to be a light to this person no matter what. Help me to honor you in this relationship whether it’s for a season or a lifetime.”

3. “I simply think that most of the advice singles get is simply a hodgepodge of popular dating advice, old wives’ tales, mixed in with cherry picked Scriptures.”

4. “I think that, subconsciously, churches only address singles in the context of marriage preparation because it’s the only context they really know and can “grow” and maintain churches, as marriage is seen as the foundation of families, which translates to more butts in the pews and potentially more money in the collection plate.”

5. “I have heard so many different things on dating … and they all sound like man’s interpretation. I think you have to know yourself and know God for yourself and you and He work out the parameters.”



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