Tonto Dikeh Rants: “My Husband Was A Cheat And I Was His Punching Bag.”

It seems Tonto Dikeh has been holding in a lot for too long and just has to get things off her chest.Moreso, having thousands of comments daily telling you to go back to your husband can be frustrating .
In yet another post on Instagram, Tonto Dikeh replied a fan who asked how she lost so much weight .She wrote

How? It was very simple having a husband who cheats on a roll and uses you for a punching bag and suffering gross verbal Abuse sun Up to sun down in my home..Am sure any woman would loss weigh,I look pretty because Am serving a living God who never Sleeps!!!

In one of her instagram posts today, Tonto Dike accused her husband of giving her STDs, that she still nurses and receives treatments for.
The actress also claimed that all the gifts of Iphone 6 and jeep gifts were nothing, but show offs. she also mentioned that all the time she posted the pictures were all lies, and that he never bought her gifts. Remember the husband, Olakunle ChurchHill accused the actress of absconding with the son, King Andre they have together.

Dear Tonto, we believe you are a strong woman who has a son she truly loves, kindly stay off social media for some months, and try to work on yourself, and then your marriage. Your rants on social media will only worsen the situation. Please, keep your head up and remember to commit it all in the Lord’s hands… PEACE!