If Your Wife Does These 15 Things, NEVER Leave Her

If your wife does these 15 things for you, never leave her. After all, such a wife is hard to find.

  • 1. She is loyal to you

    She respects herself, and because of that, she keeps intimacy between just the two of you.

  • 2. She trusts you

    She does not doubt what you say or do.

  • 3. She gives you alone time

    She gives you time for yourself, hobbies and friends. She doesn’t complain if you want to go out during the week to play football or another sport with your buddies.

  • 4. She respects you

    She respects you and shows you how much you mean to her.

  • 5. She is affectionate

    She gives you plenty of kisses and hugs.

  • 6. She knows you

    She knows what you like and enjoy, so she shows interest in those same things.

  • 7. She is honest with you

    She doesn’t leave you with doubts. You always know she will tell you the truth.

  • 8. She has fun with you

    You share fun activities and laughs even during the day-to-day routine.

  • 9. She is a good mother

    There is no perfect mother, but you know she tries to be the best mother possible for your children.

  • 10. She takes care of the house

    She takes care of the house as a way to show her appreciation for you.

  • 11. She takes care of herself

    There are days where you’ll find her in sweats and your old t-shirt, but she also likes to dress up for herself and for you.

  • 12. She is happy

    She will surely have difficult days, but she makes an effort to face life with courage and humor.

  • 13. She helps you

    She helps you with work, family or financial problems. She is your right arm and safe haven.

  • 14. She laughs at your jokes

    … even when the joke is not funny.

  • 15. She is patient with you

    With all the day-to-day stress, it is possible for many women to lose their temper easily. But when she is patient with you, it is a sign that she truly loves you.

    There is no perfect wife. We all have difficulties, but the desire to be better every day is what’s important. So if your wife does these 15 things, show her how much you love and appreciate her, and never ever let her go.


source: familyshare




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