You Won’t Attract A Real Man Until You Do These 3 ‘Womanly’ Things

Here are the 3 feminine mastery skills every woman needs to learn to find a real man:

1. Love your body completely.

The first stop in being more of a woman is to dress like one. Get yourself a good stylist who can help you show off your assets — try a “goddess dress” one with runched sides and a cowl neck. Show off your shoulders (men LOVE shoulders). Highlight your hips or your long neck.

But stop short of letting all your junk hang out. Kim Kardashian you’re not (thank god!) And wearing outfits that scream ‘sex’ on a first date is not the impression you want to make.


Find one new date outfit that makes you feel drop dead gorgeous. Wear that to all of your first dates. Admire your body. Get naked in front of the mirror. Love your curves, your breasts, your neck and hips. (Men LOVE curves!) Notice how you have “all the right junk in all the right places.” Give yourself a body massage with scented oils at least once a week. Get an exotic body scrub and spend time prepping and pampering yourself – even if you’re only heading out to the store or dinner with the girls, practice feeling sexy in your skin.

2. Learn to follow his lead.

To get a man who makes you feel like a woman, you need to learn to follow and stop taking control. Let him do the heavy lifting — around the house, and in making the extra effort for the two of you to be together. Let him pick up the check, open the door and take you to bed.

When he’s excited by a new project and you see a better way to do it, bite your tongue and wait to be asked. This is his journey, not yours. It’s not about stifling your opinions, but if it feels like a constant barrage of “I’ve got a better idea,” you’ll eventually take the wind out of his sails and he’ll begin to see you more as a friend and advisor than a lover.

3. Magnetize your attractive qualities.

Now that you are connected with your inner goddess, let’s manifest this man — the king to your queen, the warrior to your goddess. Where is he? How do you meet?

If you have been on a series of “one and done” dates, or been in and out of short-term relationships that have gone nowhere, or if you are getting back into the dating scene for the first time, the last thing you want to do is waste time with the wrong guys.
Turn on all the powers of the law of attraction and get them on your side.

Daydream about your guy. Journal out all of the great times you are having with him. What you find hot about this man and how you feel when you are with him.


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