Zimbabwean Woman Offers Daughter As Tithe To Church

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A Zimbabwean woman has offered her a daughter as tithe to the church after suffering a lot miscarriages before being prayed for by her church leader.

The woman named Convictions Mapfumo has done the unthinkable by giving her grade three daughter to the church leader, Bishop Susan Zika Dube who is the founder of Holy Baptist Apostolic Church. Mapfumo said the reason why she took the decisions was due to the prayer of the church leader that helped her overcome miscarriages and she now has three girls.

She told Zim news: After my struggle to conceive, I decided to give this child to God as a tithe to thank him for answering my prayers. I was prayed for by the leader of the church. I have also given myself to working in this church because there is nothing more I can give to God for what he has done for me.

Mapfumo has confirmed to have registered the church leader has the mother of her daughter’s birth certificate.

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