5 amazing Places for vacation in 2017

As an adventure lover, below are interesting places ideal for vacation this year, 2017, so let’s go on vacations and explore some adventure-filled and fun places in the world.

1. Seychelles


Victoria, the incredibly charming capital of Seychelles, is the starting point for most excursions, and a destination in itself.

Seychelles has got many sites of historic interest, some stunning viewpoints, and studios belonging to sculptors and painters who have fallen for the Seychelles’s charms, and settled there to let their art imitate the life around them.

On the private island of Félicité, Six Senses Zil Pasyon is paradise for honeymooners, with five open-air spa pavilions and a plunge pool adjoining each of the 30 villas, which face the ocean.

2. Suzhou, China


 Suzhou fondly referred to as “heaven on earth”, is a city with historical significance and beautiful landscaped gardens. It offers many attractions such as rivers, hills, historic temples, beautiful ancient towns and unique gardens. The top sights are Lingering Garden, Humble Administrator’s Garden, The Grand Canal, Tiger Hill, Tongli, and Zhouzhuang Water Town.

3. Panama city, Panama

panama city panama city

As one of Central America’s most historic and cosmopolitan capitals., Panama city has a lot to offer. There may be fewer beaches here than in Miami but there are lots of other interesting things to do, touring sights such as the historical ruins of Panama Viejo, walking the enchanting streets of Casco Viejo, visiting Natural Metropolitan Park, or strolling along the Amador Causeway. Panama

4. Paros, Greece

Paros Paros

Famous for the traditional architecture, the lovely beaches, its nightlife and other seaside tourist settlement around the island, Paros is ideal for romantic getaway and family vacation.

Paros, located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, is tagged a ferry hub. It’s stylish capital and fashionable resort towns are a few of the charming things to look out for.

5. Devon, England

Devon Devon

Devon, the biggest county in the south-west, is best known for cream teas and surf beaches. It’s got a lot of stunning sights like the beautiful coastlines, National parks, historic buildings and wildlife attraction. It’s ideal for a vacation of any type.


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