5 Signs That You’re Having A Migraine

Classified as pulsating headaches, the symptoms of migraines may vary from person to person; also, not to forget, from one attack to another. If a migraine patient gets headaches, it is important for the doctor and the patient himself/herself to meet so that they can be treated according to the peculiarity of what the person is going through.

Irritability, excitement and depression.

Extreme mood swings can be one of the biggest signs of migraines. Some patients might feel extremely depressed for no rhyme or reason and others might feel irritable. Some might also feel excited, as if they are under substance influence.

Lack of sound sleep

Migraine patients who routinely suffer from troubled sleep tend to wake up tired and are more prone to migraine attacks.

Acute or throbbing pain on one or both temples of the head

Pulsating, throbbing pain, on one or both sides of the head is one of the classic signs of migraines. The pain, at times, is so severe that nothing can seem to stop it.

Noise, smell or light triggers can worsen the headache leading to a migraine.

Depending from patient to patient, it is generally seen that noise, smell or any kind of light trigger can lead to the onset of migraine.

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