Blac Chyna Slams Tyga For Not Paying Child Support

Model and reality star Blac Chyna has taken it upon herself to blast ex-fiance Tyga.

The model went on an vulgar rant as she exposed Tyga’s infidelities on Snapchat.

According to her, Tyga isn’t paying child support in a series of angry posts shared with her followers on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

She wrote, “It’s funny now to me!!! But when Tyga and side nigga kicked me out !!! And they wanted to see me fail! lol…And 2 grind from the dirt !!!!! No child support!

Adding, “Nigga is like hoes! So imma treat u like that! Not paying Jenny! Wow….Stop running to ur money! Telling my business about King! I bet any money! I got more money then ur account Tyga, Michael!!!!