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Dirty Secrets: Tonto Dike And Her Man Surfaces After Marriage Crash

A source close to Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike and her estranged husband, Dr. Olakunle Churchill has revealed that the actress vowed to bring disgrace to her estranged husband’s name and to his family.

The latest information comes after Churchill ordered the arrest of an Instagram blogger on grounds of defamation as the blogger had made claims about Dr. Olakunle’s alleged shady dealings in the past.

The source according to online news portal, The Nation, further claimed that the actress’ statements and moves since she separated from her husband has been laughable especially her claim that she bought herself all the gifts she flaunted on social media including the SUV.

The source who pled to remain anonymous added: “If she really did buy them, she should have taken the keys and receipts when she was leaving. No one knows why she is doing what she is doing. Maybe, she is using their son as bait and as a means to get sympathy from the people on social media.”

In reaction to the recent barrage of attacks on the Big Church Foundation, the source close to the Olakunle Churchill family said Tonto Dike wanted Churchill to merge his Big Church Foundation with her Tonto Dike Foundation but the new merger will read her name only.

The source maintained: “That was why, last year, after the Big Church Foundation had organised its work, the Tonto Dikeh Foundation organised its own too. She did that because she wanted the NGOs to be joined together and handed over to her, so that she can use her celebrity status and run the whole show. Churchill, on the other hand, was passionate about the whole thing, as a way to help the masses and did not want it to be hijacked by someone who just wanted it for show.”

Tonto Dike according to the source had also threatened to sink her husband using her wealth of social media presence and connection to drag his name and family’s through the mud adding that it was one of the main reason behind the actress’ claim of domestic violence.

The source maintained that Churchill had at no point abused Tonto Dike as she claimed and maintained that the incredulous claim that she contracted STDs on several occasions were nothing but false claims.



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