Easy steps you need to apply eye drop

A lot of times people apply eye drops in the eye the wrong way ending up using the wrong dosage or plain wasting it.

(Note that it’s best to get eye drops by prescription/physician’s order and not over the counter for random use!)

If applying drops wrongly you either end up not using enough or (in an attempt to makeup for the wasted drops) over use it and this happens when clueless about application.

Applying Eyedrops  Applying eyedrops correctly

 For when you have to use eyedrops, learn how to use it correctly so it works well for you.

1. Angle/Tilt the head backwards.

2. Use the index finger to gently pull the lower lid down

3. Look up and gently squeeze the drop around the space created by the lower lid (the area gently pulled by the index finger)

4. Keep the eyes closed for about four minutes after applying the drops (without blinking).


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