Family seeks probe of ‘mysterious’ death of former oil worker

The deceased’s family said after his death, Mr. Kalio’s body was deposited in a morgue without the knowledge of any of his children.

Belema Uduje, the deceased’s daughter, who spoke about the development, said the family suspects foul play in Mr. Kalio’s death.

“This was a man full of life without any complaint,” said Mrs. Uduje, a medical doctor.

“And a week before we were told of his death, all efforts to reach him on phone and Facebook were futile, as his phone was switched off and his Facebook account deleted.

“But few days after his death his phone was on, this was extremely puzzling. Why would someone deliberately switch off his phone and delete himself from social media?”

Mrs. Uduje said they were told her father had complained of a headache and was rushed to a hospital where a CT scan was done.

“The scan result showed bleeding from both sides of the brain which was caused by trauma,” she said.

“We were also told that a neurosurgeon requested that surgery be done to drain the blood, which we were told that our father consented to, and he died after the surgery was done.

“Even after he died, his body was taken to the mortuary. All these happened without us being informed. He had no life threatening medical condition. He was a healthy fun loving man.”

Mrs. Uduje said efforts to seek answers to questions surrounding the cause of death from the deceased’s second wife were also unsuccessful.

“We also pleaded with his family to ask questions but the family says they are not interested in knowing what happened to their brother they just want to bury him,” she said.

“Circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious. It is very impossible for a healthy individual to bleed in the brain. The deceased just retired from Shell Petroleum Development Company less than a year, and he was paid  gratuities and benefits in full. I am asking the appropriate authorities to seek justice for my father.

“It is on this premise that we are appealing to the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), and the Rivers State Governor, Barr. Nyesom Wike, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of our father, and ensure that all those involved in his death be brought to book.

She also called on the Nigerian Medical Association, Port-Harcourt branch, to assist her and members of her family in Investigating the cause of her late father’s death.

Equally, two of the deceased’s daughters, who are lawyers, also appealed to the Port-Harcourt branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), to join in the investigation to unravel the death of their father.

Source: ( Premium Times )


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