Impossible! Hospital Staff Horrified as Stretcher is Caught on Camera Moving About on Its Own | Video

Hospital staff have been left totally horrified after a stretcher was caught on camera moving on its own in a corridor.

A really frightening video which has gone viral online, has shown the moment a stretcher trolley was seen moving around all on its own.
Many viewers are convinced that they’re seeing paranormal activity.
According to The Sun UK, the eerie clip was filmed in a courtyard in the provincial hospital of the city of Rosario, in the north-eastern Argentine province of Santa Fe.
It shows an unattended stretcher on wheels suddenly start to drift backwards and forwards.
Eventually the trolley moves so quickly it crashes off the hard courtyard onto a patch of grass.
Wind cannot be behind the movement, as plants in the video are dead still.
The clip has left many asking whether the hospital is haunted or it was all just a prank.
The Health Ministry of Santa Fe has tried to put the debate to bed by saying that two hospital workers had rigged up a system of ropes so they could move the trolley without being seen.
However, many say the quality of the video is fairly high for security camera footage and no strings or ropes can be made out.
But local media reported that two hospital workers had got into trouble for faking the ghost video.
It’s believed they used translucent string, perhaps fishing line, to move the trolley and create the paranormal scene.
They were not named and the punishment they faced was not reported.
Watch the video below:

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