Photos+Video: Nigerian lady accused, called out on Facebook for infecting man with HIV

A Nigerian lady, named Ogbuka Gloria Ada was called out on social media, Facebook for allegedly infecting a man with HIV.

The lady was accused by a Facebook user, Kelvin Peters, who claimed that Gloria infected his friend with the disease.

He said his friend and Gloria had been dating for a while and he found out about the diseases when he went for a checkup after he fell ill.

Peters further explained that his friend reached out to Ada but she ignored and blocked him on Facebook. The man also contacted her on What’s App and she confessed to him that she is HIV positive without any remorse.

                                                                           Nigerian lady debunks accusations that she infected a man with HIV, takes test for proof.

Peter wrote: “A friend of mine just shared this with me, please n please read carefully to the end,u Neva know whom u might be saving from this wicked act of a human,for some reasons I wouldn’t want to display his name on social media. He met dis lady called Ogbuka Gloria Ada they have been dating for some time unknown to him she is HIV positive and she has hidden it from him.

He was sick and went to run a test in d hospital where he was detected to be positive he quickly called Gloria to ask her if she has been feeling some way lately she said no, all of a sudden she blocked him on FB and started acting strange towards him.

He decided to approach her via whatsapp and to his greatest surprise she didn’t deny the fact she’s HIV positive!! What a wicked world we are living in” is 20minutes of unprotected thrills worth a life time of pills?? Please share and repost you never can tell who might get saved from seeing this post!!”


Read screenshots below:

However, a friend to the accused, Ruthy Omoefue Audu, expressed that the accusation is a lie. She provided proof with a test result Ada took.

 Audu shared a video of her friend taking a test to prove that she is HIV negative.


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