Quick Cash Whenever You Need It!

Tunde has had sleepless nights for two days straight. Why? His daughter in the boarding house called to inform him that the school is demanding an immediate payment of her WAEC fees to enable quick registration.

The thought of where to get the needed funds to enable his daughter meet up with the registration deadline is what keeps him awake all night as he has been thinking of friends to borrow from or what personal belongings he could sell off to quickly raise the money.

With the Rosabon Quick Loan – RQL, there is absolutely no need to do any of the above! This quick loan from award winning Rosabon Financial Services avails you the opportunity to access up to N1.5 Million without any collateral or guarantor within 24 Hours!

The RQL eliminates unnecessary paperwork, long approval time and asides providing the funds at the speed of light, we also offer the most affordable interest rates and convenient repayment pattern of upto 6 months.

With a credible source of income, passport photographs, valid means of identification and a filled out application form, you are good to go! Once your application has been approved, you get the desired amount the next business day!

For more information, visit www.rosabon-finance.com/RQL , send a mail to clientservices@rosabon-finance.com or call our customer service representatives on 08150880038, 08150880039 (Lagos), 08150991085(Abuja), 08150880082 (P/Harcourt) and 08036485861 (Warri).

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