See what happened to 2 Unilag students when you accepted free lift

2 students of the University of Lagos students were returning from where they went to see a movie at the  Ozone cinema when they accepted a lift from 2 corporately dressed armed robbers.

What happened after the lift will make you amaze you !

Read Below:

We went to Ozone cinemas, Sabo, Yaba, with the mindset of seeing a movie which was scheduled for 6:45pm, but we got there around 7pm so the movie had begun so we all agreed to seeing another movie for 7:25pm which we did see.

After the movie, on our way to the hostel, we saw two corporately dressed office men in an Honda Pilot who offered to give a ride to Jibowu( our mindset was that they probably stopped by to see a movie from work and are returning home to somewhere along our route)

But on our way the man that drove turned to unilag road which was a different route to Jibowu,so we asked him what was happening but he said he wanted to drop his friend at unilag gate and then turn back his own route,so we relaxed and we discussed the movie.

”To cut our long story short,when we got to the silent area of the road turning to unilag they started advising us not to always enter a stranger’s car and we told them thank you without knowing they had an evil intention.

”All of a sudden they told us to bring our phones and requested for password of the locked ones amongs, collected our bags which they found our ATM cards in it and requested our passwords on threatening us to kill with their sharps.

”They were so MEAN so all we did was to pray in our minds because the road was quiet and they could kill and drop our bodies on the road without anyone knowing.

”Suddenly they just said they wanted to save our lifes,tied two of us sitting close’s hands and left one of us untied and dropped us at the middle of thhe road so it was the untied one amongst us sitting close to the door that opened the door while we dropped and they zoomed off without returning our belongings.

”Am sharing this because there are a lot of this out there, especially on that route because they said there were a lot of lift offer before they agreed choosing the corporate men. The next victim might not be lucky and this evil doers can kill if they are not able to obtain something good from the victim. May God save us from evil…. Amen.’