Things you didn’t know about Zuma Rock


  •   The top of the Zuma rock catches fire during the raining season. It   does this  when it is raining.
  •  In those days a clear audible strange sound of door opening and  closing is heard.   When this happens, sooner, a news about the dead  of a big personality is heard.
  • It is believed by our forefathers in those days that Zuma rock is the  home  of the  deads i.e. when people die they believe that their spirits goes to  the rock.
  • It was believed by our forefathers that all masquerades comes from  Zuma rock  since masquerades are believed to be spirits of the deads .
  •  No spirits at any place around or afar that are as strong as those at  Zuma rock.  
  •  It was believed by our forefathers that Zuma rock is the umbilical cord    of the  earth.
  •  Our forefathers believed that Zuma rock is sitting on a very large  source of   underground water, that if the rock is pulled down, the water  that will come  out of  it shall submerge an unimaginable expense of  land.
  •  Our forefathers believed that before the end of time, Zuma rock shall   be at the  centre of a very large and densely populated settlement.  With the movement of  Federal Capital from Lagos to Abuja, and  recent developments at Zuba, Madalla,  Chaci, Zuma, Suleja, Gauraka, Kaduna Road, Dokwa, Dei-dei, Kubwa, and others is  confirming the local belief.


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