Tonto, Churchill Prove Critics Right

Following the alleged lovers spat that has continued to make news of late between Olakunle Churchill and Tonto Dikeh, it seems she and her once loving Mr X has proven critics right that their marriage will not last. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM captures the sweet but now sour moments of their

In the beginning, the social media especially the instagram was agog with the news of Mr X whom Tonto Dikeh held so dearly and was a hard nut to divulge. Today the same Mr X has become a subject of petty discuss in the social media where people from all walks of life have a say on how relationships should go.
Before their marriage, critics have predicted that Tonto and Churchill’s marriage won’t last. This prediction was predicated on the fact that celebrity marriages, not just in Nigeria alone but world over especially Europe and America, have continued to hit the rocks due to one reason or the other.
Though, following showers of love on her by her man, it was concluded that things might not be the way fans and critics had predicted. The couple was seen together last in public in Abuja when they marked World Disability Day, ever since then, it has been one story or another.
The marriage-crash scandal started with the actress deleted her husband’s name on her instagram page. The story then was that her husband and her PA were involved in a romantic affair which of course attracted public sympathy to the fair-skinned actress.
This one story has continued to be an issue of discuss in the media, blogs, clubs, pubs and other social gatherings where many believe the marriage-crash was meant to happen as Tonto did not marry Churchill out of love but for money.
One of her numerous tweets which stated how people do not know how many STDS she had treated made it look more like she is bent on denting her one-time hubby’s image.
According to a family source who claimed the actress is bent on tarnishing Churchill’s image by going to the press with a number of stories, with the latest being that her ex-husband infected her with sexually transmitted diseases and, that all the cars that were bought in the course of their wedding were bought by her, “how would Tonto say she bought him all the vehicles they were driving? That is not possible. In fact, I was with Churchill this morning and he showed me all keys and the receipts of the cars. If she really did buy them she should have taken the keys and receipts when she was leaving”
“You see, everything began when she had a disagreement with his mother. These things did not happen in one day,” repeated the source.
The source insisted that claims by the actress that her ex-husband is gay do not hold water, either.
“As for that claim, she got one of her fruit cakes, one Uche Maduagwu, to make that video on Youtube, in which he alleged that Churchill had something to do with Bobrisky and SwankyJerry, but the post was hurriedly removed, with Maduagwu claiming that his account was hacked.
“The blogs and websites that took on the news hurriedly brought it down; because they were scared of being sued.‎
“No one knows why she is doing what she is doing. Maybe, she is using their son as bait and as a means to get sympathy from the people on social media.
“As for the foundation, she wanted both foundations to be merged, but bearing the name of her foundation. That was why, last year, after the Big Church Foundation had organized its work, the Tonto Dikeh Foundation organized its own.
“She did that, because she wanted the NGOs to be joined together and handed over to her, so that she can use her celebrity status to run the whole show. Churchill, on the other hand, was passionate about the whole thing, as a way to help the masses and did not want it to be hijacked by someone who just wanted it for show.
“It is a known fact that she latched onto her hubby’s connections to float and finance the Tonto Dikeh Foundation, even though she claims it is the other way round [which is a lie, by the way],” said the source to LEADERSHIP Weekend.
In a related development, during an interview with Churchill, when asked about the recent happenings in his family, he said “every family has its ups and downs.’ Asked of his alleged affair with his female PA he revealed that “it’s funny to me, because I don’t have female personal assistant. My PA is Mr Paul, who has been working with me over the years. Besides, it was a sponsored blackmail.”
“When things came to a point that I could not condone, she boasted that she would use her overwhelming influence on social media to drag my name in the mud and rubbish my foundation. That is what she is all about right now.
“And, as for her claims that I beat her, I never laid a damn finger on her; not one day, even for a second,” said Churchill.
A source, close to the family squealed to LEADERSHIP Weekend that: “Many times she would smoke her weed and begin to mis-behave, breaking things in the house for as much as two hours,” said the source, who explained that a blogger and one of the actress’ friends, Adeola Olonilua, was recently arrested by Churchill for abusing him and publishing false information about him on her blog.
Also popular comedian Gandoki who wasb recently honoured by the Guinness Book of Records for Stand-up comedy, called out Tonto Dikeh for dashing the expectations of many young ladies who looked up to her as role models.
According to him Tonto my sister, you no sabi say wen you marry, many girls wey think say them no get hope to settle down, all find husband eventually. You truly motivated a lot of them, but your untimely breakup will give those ladies a sour taste in their mouth and family, Abi you want us to get more single mothers or baby mamas? Tonto Dikeh, the Poko mama, Abeg, Abeg, na Abeg I take God beg you, make your home work, extending your movie roles to marriage dramas, breaks the heart of thousands of your teeming fans…Instagram stunt of your personal affairs is expected to attract diverse interferences and attacks of different degrees.”Let’s keep fantasying that all is well, we never believed that your Mr X whom you held so dearly and, that was a hard nut to unveil, is today your fellow actor in “Tonto Dikeh Instagram Marriage Part 1 and Tonto Dikeh & Son Go Missing Part 2.” he said.
The question now is who is sponsoring the media war and propaganda of the once beautiful couple? Who doesn’t want to see them together? Who is benefitting from all the hullabaloos?
Many people believe that maybe she is no longer getting the needed attention from him that was why she decided to start off the controversies, but how does Churchill perceive all these happening in his family?
“I see nothing in it; it’s a phase of life, it doesn’t affect my cheque and savings. But I truly want to call on bloggers and social media addicts to verify facts before assuming. Every marriage has good and bad moments; it’s just unfortunate that I recently discovered that the alleged marriage instability is making headlines on some media platforms. Please Tonto Dikeh fans and well-wishers take it easy on her, guess she is still adjusting to motherhood,” he concluded.

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