Two Woman Twerk on Top of Coffin Seductively During a Funeral Procession | Photos+Video

A funeral procession attracted much attention after two women broke courtesy and began twerking seductively on a coffin.
Two women have been caught twerking in bizarre video during a funeral procession. The incident happened while reggaeton music was blasting on the background.
According to Dailymail, mourners in the clip appear to all be on board with the seductive send-off, as one lifts a dancer’s skirt to make sure her underwear is on display while another throws a cup of ice over her.
Others can be seen slapping the girls on their backsides as they dance provocatively and a bucket of water is thrown over the pair, in the footage which is believed to have been filmed in South America.
Moments after the first woman’s skirt is lifted, another girl dressed in tight-fitting trousers joins in and begins twerking behind her, even rubbing herself over the coffin as she is egged on by onlookers who look as if they are at a party rather than a funeral.
The coffin was on top of two motorbikes and although it is not known where the video was taken, social media users have speculated it was shot in Venezuela or Colombia.
It is believed mourners decided on the bizarre homage because the dead man was a reggaeton fan.
The video, posted on Facebook under the title ‘When Brayan dies’, features a dance hit by raggaeton singer Alexio.
Watch video below:
Source: Tori


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