It Is Unbelievable! 877 People Were Hugged by a Girl in Kenya! She Proved That Humanity Exists!

The great holiday, which we were celebrating on the fourteenth of February, became a real challenge for the Kenyan girl.

The girl’s name is Njeri. She decided to color her ordinary day and drew the poster, there was written that she wanted to hug a person.

Until the end of the day, the number of hugged people was surprising.

The girl in Kenya chose a really extraordinary way of spending the St. Valentine’s Day. This charming girl decided to start her way from the town she lived in, Roysambu, and after that, she moved to another town and finished the mission.

In accordance with Tuko Newspaper, Njeri hugged among others boda-boda guys, foot passengers along Uhuru roadway and construction workmen. People had also the opportunity to receive presents like chocolates or flowers.

The girl gave gifts, congratulating with the holiday. On her poster, the citizens could read “Free Hugs, Love Is Free“. By the way, the majority of people in the city were dressed very beautifully. They were also celebrating the day of love.



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