Woman, 99, Fulfil Dream Of Being Handcuffed

Dutch police say Annie, who is nearing her 100th birthday, wanted to experience being handcuffed and locked in a jail cell.
Police in the Netherlands have helped a 99-year-old woman’s dream come true… by letting her spend time in a jail cell.
Annie had told an officer that one of her final wishes was experiencing prison from an inmate’s perspective.
Despite lacking the criminal requirements to get locked up, police in Nijmegen were happy to help – and the pensioner was seen beaming as she was put in a cell.
To add a little authenticity to proceedings, Annie was also handcuffed for her brief time in the clink.
Locals have praised the police for helping Annie tick the item off her rather unusual bucket list.
Hopefully, any other wild life ambitions will keep her on the right side of the law.

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