15 year-old mother dumps baby into Bin

We can not stop appreciating the invent of technology, as a 15-year-old mother was arrested by the Police with evidence on CCTV as she was  caught throwing away her newborn baby in a dustbin.

The young mother from China’s Shenzhen, was captured getting into a lift with the tiny box and some other bags on Saturday.

According to Southern Metropolis Daily, a cleaner who was said to have been picking out card boxes from the rubbish bin spotted the baby. She was found smeared in blood but was still breathing.

The cleaner simply known as ‘He’ said, “I thought it was a doll when I saw the baby’s leg. But then, I looked again and [saw] it was a live baby and there was blood on the baby’s face and body.’


A neighbour who came bye and also saw the baby said, “it appeared there was a cut mark under her right eye, so we sent her to the hospital.”

She was taken to Bao’an People’s Hospital and was found to weigh a 5.84 lbs and and had a low body temperature.

The police confirmed that the baby belongs to the teenager after they arrived at her apartment and found blood in her toilet and unpleasant smell.

The mother, who is said to live alone and work at a beauty salon, reportedly went straight to work after giving birth.


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