France Presidential candidate calls for closure of Islamist mosques

Muslims might have to find another country to stay other than France as the French presidential candidate, Marine le Pen has demanded the closure of all Islamist mosques,following a deadly attack on a police bus in Paris last night that left one officer dead.

The Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, accused her of trying to capitalize on the attack.
She made the call during a televised news conference today as she urged the country to embark on a closure of all “Islamist” mosques in France as well as the expulsion of hate preachers and the reinstatement of French borders as soon as possible.
Source: ( Linda Ikeji )



  1. I don’t think so this wasn’t first you have talked in where the situation like but think before you act bite your word wisely. Muslims are as high your expectation as possible and they have Almighty who will guide them anymore no matter how your threat is on ground.

    • Why will you always say God???why on earth should you kill people because of religion. We need peace in this world.I have have seen some videos that are really sad to a Muslim slaughter his fellow human because he is in a different religion. OMG!!! Someone sent me one recently where Muslims just killed a pastor and his family in Nigeria. OMG.why????


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