Angry Mob attack man found with human parts

An angry mob attacked a suspected ritualist in Ilorin who had human parts at Adewole area of Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

According to reports, the man is  suspected to be a dealer in human parts, and he was beaten by an angry mob when he was caught.

According to eye witness report, it was said police officers from the Adewole Police Division, however, prevented the suspect from being lynched.

Trouble started for the young man when passers-by perceived offensive smell oozing from his Toyota car, after the car broke down around the area.

Passers-by then searched the car and allegedly found human parts.

The car was promptly set ablaze before the mob pounced on the suspect, sources said.

The Kwara State Police Commissioner, Olusola Amore, confirmed the incident.

“It is true that a man was caught with human parts today… He was beaten at Kudimoh area of Adewole,” Mr. Amore said.

“We arrested him so that we can find other people connected with that business of human parts. The case is now at Adewole, but the State CID will take over,” he added.

Sources said the human parts found include one leg, two arms and a skull, which were tucked inside a black polythene bag in the boot of his Toyota car.

Source: ( Premium Times )


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