Ayo Badmus Is Certain Of The Love His Female Fans Have For Him Even Though He Is Not Searching

Top actor, Ayo Badmus who is seen as a ladies man in the Nigerian movie industry has disclosed that his female fans still love him even though there is a woman in his life.

Speaking with Punch, Badmus said;”“My female fans love me more despite having a woman and they want me to be settled. They want me to be responsible and they wave at me whenever I walk past or I am in the car. They like me and nobody has ever complained. The relationship continues,”

The actor denied rumours flying around that he is married, saying that when the time comes, everyone would know about it.

Badmus said, “I don’t know where you heard that I got married, I have my children and I also have my woman. I did not tell anyone I want to get married. I know that I am settled, I have children and I have my woman. Whatever I want to do about settling down and marriage, I would let people know at the right time. Right now, I don’t want to talk about it. But at the right time, I would come out openly. My woman does not pressurise me. Everything is under control, when I am ready to come out, I would do so.”

The actor who was based in England for a long while explained why he had to relocate to Nigeria. He said that it would not have been possible for him to join Hollywood as an actor so he decided to come back to Nigeria which is known to be a land of opportunities.

He said, “I relocated to Nigeria because Nigeria is my country and there is so much opportunity here in Nigeria. I know that I cannot be an actor in Hollywood or in England.”

Source: Punch

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