“I cannot afford a Birkin bag,” media personality Toke Makinwa reveals

Toke Makinwa in a new episode on her Vlog revealed she cannot buy a $15,000 Birkin bag.

At least not until she satisfy her needs yet. The media personality and author in an episode titled, “5 things I cannot afford now” said,

Toke Makinwa                                    Toke Makinwa in Virgos Lounge

“I love bags, shoes and the fine things of life. But if you gave me $15,000 right now I have so many problems.

I’ve got so many things that I can sort out. I cannot afford a Birkin bag.”

However, if bought for her by someone else she would definitely rock it.

If you buy it for me Ooo.. I would definitely carry it.”

Toke Makinwa

She also revealed she hates fake friends. According to her, “I cannot afford fake friends right now.

People who are quick to undermine all your achievements and, people who are quick to not clap when you win.

Meanwhile, she also can’t afford new friends. So if you’re looking for her friendship too late for you!

I’m gonna be 33 this year. I don’t have time to start making friends. I’m grown and I feel like I’ve surrounded myself with people that I need.

Other things she can’t afford right now is a prayerless life and time wasters.


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