Daddy Showkey Is Respectful As He Pays Homage To The True Originator Of Fuji Music

Legendary artiste, Daddy Showkey who  is a Nigerian gala singer that was popular in Ajegunle in the late 1990s took time out on his Instagram page to pay Fuji music icon, Ayinde Barrister some serious homage today, April 22.

In his words, the singer described Ayinde Barrister as ‘a man who will be with you in good and bad times’.

‘At this point in time, I just want the whole world to know that Alhaji Ayinde Barrister aka (Barry Wonder) aka (Barry Black) aka (Mr Fuji) not Mr Fuja is the TRUE and ONLY Creator, Originator, Innovator, Aedifex, Plasmator, Sator, Principium, Opifex, Diety, Prime Mover, Framer, Sire, Inventor, Founder, Initiator, Forerunner, Patriarch, Deviser, Pioneer, Ancient Father of FUJI MUSIC’.

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Source: Instagram

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