The Facts on NNPC/MPN Multi-Year Projects in Akwa Ibom State


In July 2013, Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPN), operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/MPN Joint Venture, announced plans to make multi-year social investments with a total value of N26 Billion in Akwa Ibom State. These investments are in addition to the joint venture’s regular annual community development projects.

The social investment package funds both short and long-term projects for MPN’s neighbouring communities, as well as other parts of Akwa Ibom State. Short-term projects include contributions for the Eket-Ibeno road reconstruction and Special Community Projects II in the four communities surrounding MPN’s operations in Qua Iboe Terminal (QIT), as well as four coastal communities.

Long-term projects include contributions to proposed projects such as Ibeno Beach enhancement, upgrade of University of Uyo Engineering faculty and design and construction of Trauma Centre University of Uyo Teaching Hospital.

Working together, we can deliver more value to our communities!

What Special Projects II is not:

  1. It is NOT a palliative or compensation for any oil spill

What Special Projects II is:

  1. It is a social investment across our neighbouring and coastal communities
  1. It is an act of goodwill done in good faith
  1. Communities undertook to sustain peaceful atmosphere/conduct

Project Governance and Payments:

  1. Managed by a Steering Committee comprising Akwa Ibom State Government, communities and the JV
  1. Stewarded by indigenous Project Managers
  1. Projects and contractors are nominated by benefitting communities
  1. JV pays project managers on agreed performance milestones

Update on Project/Payment Status:


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