God Holds Solutions To Nigeria’s Challenges, Says Kumuyi

DEEPER Christian Life Ministry General Superintendent Pastor W. F. Kumuyi has urged Nigerians to turn to God in repentance as the antidote to present and future challenges confronting them.
The cleric, who spoke as the church announced its Easter Retreat for this year, said: “The road to full recovery from the battles of life, lie not in the ingenuity or effort of men, but in seeking the path back to God.
“The Almighty alone, holds the key to all solutions to the problems confronting us today.”
In a statement by the church, the Easter programme will begin from tomorrow to Sunday and it is part of the church’s yearly calendar.
The theme of the retreat is: “Discovering the secret of conquering with the Crucified King”.
According to Pastor Kumuyi, “whether as individuals or communities, the antidote to present and future challenges can only be found when men sincerely turn from evil conducts, approach God with reverence and ask for His help.
“At a time when the nation is going through harsh economic challenges, when social issues have also grown in magnitude, and when many people are literally losing hope that respite is near, the Easter Retreat presents an opportunity to come face to face with God, introspect, and chart a new course in life,”
He added: “God uses all situations to bring about positive change in the lives of people, and even nations, but that is if those affected take steps to turn from their current direction in life, and submit whole heartedly to God, with a desire to steadfastly trust Him for the blessings of heaven.”
The church said the Easter Retreat would hold in all local councils across the country.
It will also take place in 30 African nations, as well as in Europe, North America and Asia.
In Lagos, the programme will take place at the Deeper Life Conference Centre, Km 42, Lagos Ibadan Expressway.
Pastor Kumuyi will personally handle teaching and revival sessions, which will be broadcast by satellite to all other locations in Nigeria and overseas.

Source: TheNation

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