Grid Capacity Currently At 6,500 MW – TCN

Against recent comments from some stakeholders in the nation’s power sector accusing  the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) of being the weakest link in the value chain owing to poor infrastructure, the General Manager (GM), Public Affairs, Seun Olagunju, has said the capacity of the national grid has improved significantly in the last few years to about 6, 500 megawatts, Leadership reports.

Speaking during an interview in Abuja, Olagunju said it was baseless and unfair for anyone to ignore the efforts being made by TCN to reposition the grid for improved transmission targeted at incremental power supply and say TCN facilities are the problem of effective power supply in the country.

“As at the time of privatisation in 2013, the capacity of the grid hovered between 4, 000 and 4, 500 MWs, but now it is in the region of 6, 000 to 6, 500 MWs. If the capacity of the grid has not improved, how did TCN manage to evacuate and wheel out the 5, 074 MWs generated in 2015 which remains the highest so far in the history of the country?” she explained.

Source: EnergyMix


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