Horror! Woman Opens Supermarket Fridge for a Yogurt Only to Find a Large Python Inside It | Photos

A woman has been left badly shaken after going into a supermarket for a yogurt only to discover something terrifying inside the fridge.

A horrified shopper was left chilled to the bone when she reached into a supermarket fridge for a yoghurt – and grabbed a twelve foot python, The Sun UK reports.
The woman’s screams alerted manageress Martie Esnouf who ran to find the woman yelling “SNAKE” as she pointed into the dairy section of the chiller.
The shocked manageress  saw the African rock python curled up seemingly asleep amongst the yoghurts and milk cartons and called for staff to help.
A local snake catcher was called to tackle the African Rock Python – which can grow to over 20 feet in length – and kills by crushing its unlucky victims to death.
He pulled out all the yoghurts and dairy items from the freezer until he could see the python’s full length and a colleague brought a sack to put it in.
A terrified worker at the Spar shop in Komatipoort in Mpumalanga , South Africa, can be seen standing behind the snake catcher with a MOP for protection.
The snake catcher told staff that the warm blooded snake’s organs had shut down in the chilled fridge and that it was in a state of near hibernation and safe.
He lifted it out of the fridge and took it away for observation for 48 hours to let it warm back up and will release it safely in the Kruger National Park.
Manageress Martie Esnouf said: ”I don’t know it got in there but it could have come in through the roof or the drains and it ended up in the shop fridge.
“We have a lot of bush behind the shops and there are lots of snakes in there. We were telling people not to panic and reassuring them that it was safe.
“The last thing we wanted to do is hurt it and it will be released safely in the wild”.
The African Rock python is non venomous and crushes its victims in its coils until it dies from suffocation or heart attack and then slowly swallows it whole.

Source: Tori.ng